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Magazine "Super-Réseaux"

Special edition in French
Format A4, 95 pages

Price on site : frs 19.50

CHF 21.50


Photo album

A notebook of pictures across the Kaeserberg's story.
48 pages. Format 21x21 cm

Price on site : frs 9.-

CHF 11.00


The swiss Railway

Pocketbook describing all the railway lines in Switzerland
By Hans G. Wägli
Format 10,5x25 cm, 203 pages

Price on site : frs 40.-

CHF 49.00


Hebel, Riegel und Signale

Book in German on mechanical interlocking systems and signals

476 pages

Price on site : fr. 98.-

CHF 113.00


Journal about Kaeserberg

(in german only)

Modell railway Kaeserberg
114 pages with DVD

Price on site : frs 15.-

CHF 17.00